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New to Afric8?

Afric8 operates from a state-of-the-art Central Control Centre (CCC) to enhance security and provide real-time information to passengers. Special needs passengers, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, can embark and disembark all Afric8 vehicles with ease.​​

What are Afric8’s objectives?

Afric8 is aimed at providing modern technology and infrastructure, including efficient vehicles, dedicated stops, and passenger smart cards.


The stations are a landscape feature of Victoria Falls; their identifiable structures supported by universal graphic signage and wayfinding make it easy to find them. A vertical element outside the station will assist all visitors to identify their current location, plan their trip, and see places of interest along the way. Interesting artwork on the vertical element will add to the travel experience.

Afric8 has two types of stations: the regular bus stop and the hotel or lodge. This concept includes imagery and information relating to the places of stay located in the vicinity.

Fare collection  

The Afric8 fare system is cashless; passengers purchase the Connector card for $5,00 once-off; no cash is handled by the bus drivers, which makes the system safer. Connector cards can be purchased and/or topped up at any Afric8 office.


The service design is influenced by the projected number of passengers, the choice of vehicle, and its capacity.

Afric8 complies with the latest European Standards for emissions and a portion of the fleet is operated on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which is a more environmentally friendly fuel than diesel.​​​


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